Questions regarding improving the Apache Commons release process.

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Questions regarding improving the Apache Commons release process.

Rob Tompkins
Hello all,

Pardon, maybe this should have gone to your @user list, but why not ping the dev crew. I’ve been playing around the ideas surrounding our fairly manual release process for the components in Commons, and I was hoping for some insights.

Scripting the version changes isn’t really that big of a deal for us, and that I can manage. But, when it comes to publishing our artifacts to the apache nexus repository, and then separately publishing our -src and -bin assemblies to the dev dist subversion repository (and consequently deleting those artifacts from nexus as they’re “attached” for the purpose of gpg signing), I feel it a tad cumbersome.

I’ve fiddled around a little with the idea of detaching the -src and -bin assemblies after gpg signing with some success, but then I have to delve into the mechanics of publishing those up to the subversion repository, and clearly that problem has already been solved. So I find myself in the space of trying to shoehorn our process into its the main maven-release-plugin, which I’ve found a tad difficult, versus writing our own release plugin, which feels like I would be duplicating tons of code (which I don’t want to do).

I’m curious if you guys have any thoughts on the matter as I’ve been playing around in the space for a little while now.

Cheers and happy holidays from UTC-5,
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