Problem setting up Eclipse to use Atlassian SDK

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Problem setting up Eclipse to use Atlassian SDK

I have followed the instructions in the How to Build an Atlassian Plugin at  

In these instructions, it tells me how to add m2eclipse to my Eclipse installation.  
First it sends me to for installation instructions for m2eclipse.
I followed the instructions on
However, i do not see Maven in the Eclipse --> Windows --> Preferences list as it says I should.
Therefore, I cannot configure m2eclipse inside of Eclipse.

I tried to re-install m2eclipse, but it tells me that the install failed because m2eclipse is already installed.
I went so far as to un-install Eclipse and start over from scratch, but with the same results.

In the Atlassian SDK instructions, it says that if you have Eclipse without the m2eclipse plugin, then:

If you are using Eclipse without the M2Eclipse plugin:

    * Run the following command: atlas-mvn eclipse:eclipse
    * Then configure your workspace with the Maven repository location:

      atlas-mvn -Declipse.workspace=<path-to-eclipse-workspace> eclipse:add-maven-repo

      Note: You can accomplish the same thing by adding the M2_REPO classpath variable, pointing to your $HOME/.m2/repository directory, in your Eclipse preferences

After running this, I see M2_REPO classpath variable in Eclipse, but still no Maven in the Windows --> Preferences list.
Also, I do not see my project in the Package Explorer inside of Eclipse.

Can someone tell me what is going wrong?

I am running on ubuntu linux in a VM on a Windows XP machine.  
Walt B