Possible bug in the ProjectBuilder (3.5.4) ?

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Possible bug in the ProjectBuilder (3.5.4) ?

Cristiano Gavião
Hello, I need some assistance in order to identify whether the issue I'm
facing is a bug or a missing feature.

I'm adding a goal to my plugin that must read a POM project from a
repository and get details about the dependencies declared on it.

In order to build the POM object I've created the method below that are
using Core's org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuilder:

             public MavenProject loadProject(Artifact artifact,
        MavenSession session,
                     boolean pResolveDependencies) throws
        ProjectBuildingException {
                 ProjectBuildingRequest request = new
        Arrays.asList("when-building-java-using-java8"));  ---> I added
        this in order to try no get one of the errors reported.
                 return projectBuilder.build(artifact,

    In order to test it I'm trying to read this [pom]

    This POM has declared a POM fragment:

>         <dependencyManagement>
>             <dependencies>
>                 <dependency>
>     <groupId>br.com.c8tech.releng</groupId>
>                     <version>2.1</version>
>     <artifactId>fpom-deps-osgi</artifactId>
>                     <scope>import</scope>
>                     <type>pom</type>

    And I'm using this code:


          pom = loadProject(


    The error I'm getting from ProjectBuilder is about not being able to
    get the versions declared in the imported POM ( declared in its
    dependencyManagement) and also not being able to determine the Java
    version of a profile activated by <jdk> property.

>     Caused by: org.apache.maven.project.ProjectBuildingException: Some
>     problems were encountered while processing the POMs:
>     [ERROR] Failed to determine Java version for profile
>     when-building-java-using-java8 @
>     br.com.c8tech.releng:maven-parent-java:2.1,
>     /home/cvgaviao/.m2/repository/br/com/c8tech/releng/maven-parent-java/2.1/maven-parent-java-2.1.pom,
>     line 658, column 22
>     [ERROR] 'dependencies.dependency.version' for
>     net.java.dev.jna:jna:jar is missing. @
>     br.com.c8tech.releng:fpom-deps-felix:[unknown-version],
>     /home/cvgaviao/.m2/repository/br/com/c8tech/releng/fpom-deps-felix/2.1/fpom-deps-felix-2.1.pom,
>     line 329, column 21
>     [ERROR] 'dependencies.dependency.version' for
>     ch.qos.logback:logback-core:jar is missing. @
>     br.com.c8tech.releng:fpom-deps-felix:[unknown-version],
>     /home/cvgaviao/.m2/repository/br/com/c8tech/releng/fpom-deps-felix/2.1/fpom-deps-felix-2.1.pom,
>     line 337, column 21

could someone tell me if its a missing feature, a bug or maybe am I
missing something ?

thanks a lot,