Please check master branch build before merging

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Please check master branch build before merging

To ensure that our projects are stable, we're testing all our projects with a matrix of OSes and JDKs (and in case of plugin Maven versions)

The master status can be found at (this static page is updated once per day!):

It is possible to have all blue (/green). Even after adding new JDKs and Central switching to https I've been able to get all masters back to stable.

As you might see right now a couple are failing. It might be an infra issue (broken Jenkins node) in which case you can exclude that node [1].
For the same reason, start with a branch before pushing to master. Once you've seen all blue on the branch, you should merge back to master.

If tests are broken, I will ask the committer to fix his commit. If that requires some assistance, I can help.