OpenJ9 arrives in Jenkins

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OpenJ9 arrives in Jenkins

Hello everyone!

Originally I opened issue INFRA-21061 [1] for Apache Shiro, when I became a
committer and found out that OpenJ9 did not implement non-mandatory aliases
for some cryptographic algorithms (and was right to omit them as per spec).

Anyway, OpenJ9 arrived on the Apache Jenkins instance and I believe it
would also make a good addition to the maven test matrix, as commercial
support is available from various vendors. While OpenJ9 may not be as
widespread as hotspot implementations (there are so many of those), but it
is widely used in companies due

They can be activated using the following drop down names for (currently)
Windows and Linux nodes:
* adoptopenjdk_openj9_8u275
* adoptopenjdk_openj9_11.0.9
* adoptopenjdk_openj9_15.0.1

Locally they can be checked out via jabba, sdkman or via download (also for
Mac) from [2].

The updated overview can be found in the wiki [3].

Some information about OpenJ9:
OpenJ9 is the open source version of the former IBM J9 VM, donated to the
Eclipse Foundation. It has a different memory layout compared to hotspot
implementations, other garbage collectors and is targeted for
low-startup-time and low-startup-memory environments (and of course, YMMV).
While they do implement all functions as needed per spec, some classes may
be missing (e.g. sun.* classes) or – as seen in the example for Apache
Shiro [4] – some invalid algorithm names haven’t been aliased. Other than
that, it is also based on the standard OpenJDK build.

Happy testing!
- Ben