Open Maven resolvers issue and release 1.1.0

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Open Maven resolvers issue and release 1.1.0

Michael Osipov-2
Hi folks,

what to do with the remaining issues (pre-reset? Here is the list:
MRESOLVER-3 Update dependencies
MRESOLVER-8 ScopeDependencySelector incorrectly de-selects direct
MRESOLVER-9 DefaultDependencyCollector does not correctly handle
dependency management
MRESOLVER-10 New class 'TransitiveDependencyManager' supporting
transitive dependency management.
MRESOLVER-12 Addition of unit tests for the various DependencySelector
implementations to test things are working as documented.
MRESOLVER-15 Dependency updates

3 and 15 can be easily collapsed. What about the rest? I haven't yet
tried anything against our Core ITs.

I also tested the current Resolver master against our Core ITs. They all

What's next? Release 1.1.0 the way it is? Examine open issues?


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