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Harish Kayarohanam
I have a requirement like

1) attach an iframe above the existing nexus oss topmost panel , and the url
source of that iframe will have to be generated using the url parameters
coming in as query param . so I have created a java class to generate the
source url when it is given the HttpServeletRequest object . once I get the
url I can assign it to a variable and replace source url in the javascript.

so what I planned to do is ,

public class CtfButtonBar implements NexusIndexHtmlCustomizer {

        public String getPostBodyContribution( Map<String, Object> context )
                return "<script>jQuery(window).load(function ()
{jQuery('body').find('div:first').prepend('<iframe id=\"myframe\" src=\" "

+  source url +

"" >  </iframe>')});</script>";

in the above "source url" variable which will be my source attribute of
iframe need to be generated from the HttpServeletRequest object . so
basically I need the HttpServeletRequest object inside this class . Is there
any way I can get this object in this class  CtfButtonBar ?

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