Nexus 2.8.0 Released

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Nexus 2.8.0 Released

Rich Seddon

Sonatype is pleased to announce the release of Nexus 2.8.0, a major release including new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Nexus 2.8.0 is available for download here.

See below for the full release notes, and be sure to check the Upgrade and Compatibility Notes before installing this release.


Rich Seddon


Sonatype Nexus 2.8.0

These release notes are a compilation of new features and significant bug fixes for Sonatype Nexus 2.8.0.

See the here for all issues fixed in this release.

New and Noteworthy

Influence Nexus Product Development Using Analytics

As part of the process to help us make Nexus better, Administrators can optionally choose to send anonymous REST API usage data to Sonatype. This data will help us decide what features are most important to you and will influence product development for Nexus 3.0 and beyond. The data can be inspected and even exported for your own use as well.

To enable analytics on your instance go to "Administration/Analytics" in the Nexus UI.

Enhanced Sonatype CLM Integration

Nexus Professional now supports deep integration with Sonatype CLM.  Sonatype CLM users can see full component information containing popularity, license data, security vulnerabilities, and policy violations.  This information can be compared against all other available versions of a give component:


Detailed information about particular component versions can now be viewed directly in Nexus:


Repository Health Check Improvements

  • Simplified configuration of Repository Health Check
  • Health check can now be enabled for all types of proxy repositories supported by Nexus (Maven, P2, NuGet, OBR, Yum, etc.)
  • Improved UI in search results:



Bundled Jetty Configuration is Simpler and Extensible

Previously, Nexus only supported loading a single Jetty configuration file, typically at ${NEXUS_HOME}/conf/jetty.xml, to configure the builtin Jetty instance. Now Nexus can be launched with multiple Jetty configuration files as launcher parameters. This resembles the default configuration merging behaviour that Jetty users are used to. All files at ${NEXUS_HOME}/conf/jetty-*.xml can be used as is or customized with properties specified in NEXUS_HOME/conf/ More Information. NEXUS-6153

Request Access Logging Enabled by Default

Nexus now ships with inbound request logging enabled by default, logging to a separate log file than the main Nexus log. Access logs have proved very useful for our customers to diagnose problems and understand load characteristics. While these logs will consume additional disk space, log rotation can help ensure a reasonable retention policy. More information. NEXUS-6472

Note: Upgrades From Nexus 1.x to Nexus 2.8 Require Additional Upgrade Step

Sonatype Nexus is undergoing some major enhancements this year. As a preparatory step, automatic configuration upgrades from Nexus 1.x series to Nexus 2.8 and newer is no longer supported. Direct upgrade of Nexus versions 2.0 to 2.7.x continue to be supported. Upgrades of 1.x versions must first upgrade to the latest 2.7.x version, then upgrade to Nexus 2.8 or newer. NEXUS-6099

Internet Explorer 8 Support is Deprecated

IE 8 works with Nexus 2.8 with only a few minor issues. However Nexus 3.0 will be using a new version of our UI toolkit which does not support IE8.  Consequentially support for IE8 will be ending after the 2.8.x Nexus series is complete. More information. NEXUS-6330


General Fixes and Improvements


  • [NEXUS-6147] Improvement application properties source should print at DEBUG only


  • [NEXUS-6112] Task Upgrade to Sonatype/Sisu 2.5.0 (legacy runtime wrapper around Eclipse/Sisu 0.1.0) compatibility

Build Tooling,Staging

  • [NEXUS-6182] Improvement Add parallel build support to nexus-maven-staging-plugin
  • [NEXUS-6164] Improvement Add ability to disable SSL certificate checks to nexus maven plugins


  • [NEXUS-6269] Bug UI: Capabilities Admin gets 403 response trying to read Capability Types


  • [NEXUS-6154] Improvement add consistent log timestamps including timezone offset and ms resolution
  • [NEXUS-6102] Bug Replace dead MimeUtil2 with Apache Tika
  • [NEXUS-6153] Improvement allow inlining jetty.xml config files as nexus app parameters
  • [NEXUS-6319] Bug Typo in error message: "instantianate"


  • [NEXUS-6132] Bug nexus security diagnostic queries crowd realm even when it is not configured
  • [NEXUS-6243] Bug cache already exists "enterprise-ldap" when searching for crowd user

Maven Repository

  • [NEXUS-6298] Bug maven-metadata.xml file merged incorrectly


  • [NEXUS-6503] Improvement optimizations for large nuget repository databases with slow queries for latest version


  • [NEXUS-6311] Task Upgrade tycho dependencies in p2 for CLM compliance compatibility


  • [NEXUS-6485] Improvement Prefix file update of procurement repository can cause nexus startup to take an extremely long time performance


  • [NEXUS-6358] Bug ?describe outout no longer has "contained in repositories"


  • [NEXUS-6307] Improvement Print message in log if high-strength JCE is installed


  • [NEXUS-6277] Bug Requests to hosted repositories slow down linearly as group repository membership increases


  • [NEXUS-6306] Bug strip out invalid addressees out of staging emails before send attempt
  • [NEXUS-6242] Bug nexus-staging-maven-plugin fails with IllegalArgumentException: XPP3 pull parser library not present. Specify another driver.

Support Tools

  • [NEXUS-6276] Bug NullPointerException when switching to Log tab
  • [NEXUS-6472] Improvement Enable inbound request access logging by default

System Feeds

  • [NEXUS-6294] Bug timeline can leave index files in deleted state performance


  • [NEXUS-6236] Improvement Upgrade HttpClient to 4.3.x
  • [NEXUS-6221] Bug add context to log message "The target server failed to respond"

User Token

  • [NEXUS-6155] Bug Print error in nexus-m2settings-maven-plugin 1.5.x if it is used with Nexus 2.6 or earlier


  • [NEXUS-6271] Bug File content validation fails with empty zip file
  • [NEXUS-6491] Bug Nexus should not dump stack traces to end users
  • [NEXUS-5694] Improvement Add support to detect/register metrics healthcheck components