Nexus 2.7 Patch Release

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Nexus 2.7 Patch Release

Rich Seddon
We've discovered a regression in Nexus 2.7 which can prevent /content URL's from working properly over SSL connections: NEXUS-6149

The impact of this bug is that /content URL's may not work at all when Nexus is serving through https.  Given the severity of this bug, we have decided to immediately release a new 2.7.0 build which fixes this issue.

This build is available for download here.

Anyone who is using Nexus 2.7.0-03 over an SSL enabled HTTP connection should download and install the new 2.7.0-04 build as soon as possible.

There is one other bug we have discovered that may affect users of the WAR version of Nexus OSS: NEXUS-6151

If the Nexus work directory does not exist then the Nexus war will not start.  The workaround for now is to manually create the work directory.  We will be fixing this in an upcoming patch release.