Nexus 2.7.2 Released

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Nexus 2.7.2 Released

Rich Seddon
Nexus 2.7.2 has been released, and can be downloaded here.

This release of Nexus contains the following fixes:

  • NEXUS-6139 - Evict unused proxied items task moves items to trash
  • NEXUS-6155 - Print error in nexus-m2settings-maven-plugin 1.5.x if it is used with Nexus 2.6 or earlier
  • NEXUS-6182 - Parallel build support in nexus-staging-maven-plugin
  • NEXUS-6184 - Allow disabling ssl certificate checks in nexus-staging-maven-plugin
  • NEXUS-6213 - Add file content validation for site.xml
  • NEXUS-6219 - Rebuild metadata task rebuilds metadata on the same repository more than once during a single task run
  • NEXUS-6220 - Repository health check fails when using an HTTP proxy server with NTLM authentication.
  • NEXUS-6230 - Remove all unused snapshots fails with NPE in logs
  • NEXUS-6232 - Prevent concurrent execution of createrepo against the same data
  • NEXUS-6234 - File content validation is enabled for procurement repositories, there is no way to disable it
  • NEXUS-6244 - Regression: Crowd plugin does not support nested group role mapping user privileges
  • NEXUS-6248 - Last-modified header wrong for archetype-catalog.xml of group repo
  • NEXUS-6249 - Wrong checksums cached for maven unique snapshots (sha1 and md5)
  • NEXUS-6250 - Not able to view remote internal (proxy) repository
  • NEXUS-6253 - LDAP timeout is logged at DEBUG
  • NEXUS-6258 - Path cache appears broken in customer configuraiton
  • NEXUS-6259 - Staging yum metadata capability can prevent loading of staging repositories


Rich Seddon