NOTICE: Removal of some plugins from 1.1

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NOTICE: Removal of some plugins from 1.1

Brett Porter

As some would know, there are a number of plugins in the main Maven
distribution that have gone dormant, and are now either unmaintained,
out of date, or too poorly documented to be useful.

The Maven developers & community have voted to remove the following
from the next release.
- They will still be available using plugin:download to get the
version available in Maven 1.0.2
- the source code will be in the sandbox.
- Their JIRA projects will not be accepting new bugs.
- If anyone is willing to step up and maintain these, they can offer
to look after it, and take it to the sourceforge project. Someone has
already discussed this for latex.

What I wanted to ask of the user community was whether anyone was
specifically using one of these in a way we aren't aware of?

ashkelon - unmaintained, no idea if it works
wizard - doesn't work
vdoclet - only used by tasklist, will fold it into that
tjdo - no maintainer
shell - no maintainer
appserver - out of date, no maintainer
webserver - out of date, no maintainer
aspectwerkz - no maintainer, out of date
caller - never used
struts - out of date, not being maintained
docbook - superseded by the SF one, I believe
javacc - experimental at best, no maintainer
jdee - no idea how to test it, no maintainer
jdeveloper - no maintainer
junitdoclet - no maintainer
latex - not being maintained
latka - not being maintained

Not to be removed now, but to get merged and removed by the final 1.1 release:
- repository - not being maintained (move upload-bundle to artifact plugin)
- release - moved used functionality to SCM plugin
- j2ee - depended on by struts and ear, move the tag into ear


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