Missing description for mojo parameter POJO types

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Missing description for mojo parameter POJO types

Abel Salgado Romero

Apologies for double posting, I sent this message yesterday to the mailing list and is not appearing, so I am creating ti directly form UI.

I am seeing how to define some dynamic Map<String,Object> parameter for a Mojo, but I'd like to be able to offer some IDE completion for commonly used keys. However, I see the `plugin.xml` only stores the class name and none of its internals.


`AttributesMap`is a class extending a HashMap<String,Object> that has some setters like `setImagesdir` or `setSourceHighlighter` so that IDEs can show `<imagesdir>` and `<sourceHighlighter>`. Internally I just store them with the appropriate key in the internal Hashmap implementation.

I checked docs https://maven.apache.org/guides/plugin/guide-java-plugin-development.html, https://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-configuring-plugins.html#Mapping_Complex_Objects, https://maven.apache.org/plugin-tools/maven-plugin-plugin/descriptor-mojo.html and did some experimentation. I saw eclipse offers something, I assume with introspection of the type declared in the plugin.xml descriptor. But this is totally on the IDE side, given the plugin descriptor does not add any extra information other than the type class name.

So, my questions are:
* Is there something I am missing that allows such use case?
* If not, would it make sense to add such information to the plugin.xml?

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