MevenIDE for IDEA 0.1 has been released!

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MevenIDE for IDEA 0.1 has been released!

The MevenIDE team is pleased to announce the MevenIDE IDEA Integration 0.1 release!

MevenIDE for IDEA homepage:

This project provides Maven integration into the popular IntelliJ IDEA IDE.
This is the first release - your comments, suggestions, ideas and bug reports are welcome!


o A graphical Project Object Model (POM) editor. The editor includes a
  standard text editor, as well as an intuitive user interface for editing
  the various aspects of a project.
o Full synchronization between the POM text editor and the graphical POM
  editor, as well as with POM modifications outside the IntelliJ IDE.
o Automatic discovery of POM files (project.xml and maven.xml) for each
  IntelliJ module. The plugin will detect if you create one of these files
  either from inside the IDE or from outside, and will respond appropriately.
o A special Maven side pane (also called a Tool Window) displaying the
  available Maven goals for the project. The pane shows goals defined in the
  module's maven.xml file, and common goals, marked as "favorites" in the
  module settings dialog.
o Execution of selected goal(s) in a dedicated execution console which
  supports stop, pause, and re-run. The console supports copying the Maven
  output into the clipboard or into a text file.
o Compilation errors reported by Maven in the execution console are displayed
  as links, which open the appropriate source code file at the appropriate
o Auto-detection of your Maven home (via the MAVEN_HOME environment
  variable), and support for specifying a different Maven home (does not
  modify the environment variable).
o Easy installation via the IntelliJ IDEA plugins manager.
o Support for assigning shortcut keys (hot-keys) for specific goals for a
  specific module in the IDE (no need to find the goal in the Goals tool

Have fun!
-The MevenIDE team

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