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Maven version support

Elliotte Rusty Harold
We're coming up on the ten year anniversary of Maven 3.0.

Maven 3.2.5 was, I think, the first to support Java 6.

3.3.9 is five years old.

Some of our documentation still references Maven 2 and Maven 3 as if
the difference matters. It does, but we can mostly just assume Maven
3, I think, and ignore Maven 2.

Is it time to stop worrying about Maven 3.0 for plugin support? If so,
what's the minimum version we should support? 3.1.0? 3.3.9? 3.5.0?

Elliotte Rusty Harold
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Re: Maven version support

Mickael Istria-2

Community support is always an interesting question as there is no support
contract to define what "support" means ;)
IMO, the community does at least support the latest release. Then if some
community members can work on supporting older ones, that's good, but IMO
it doesn't have to be the priority of the community to support older
versions if it slows down main development. Long term support is something
expensive to provide, and that some companies can bill for; unless the
companies that bill for older version support do invest back with
contributors in the project to provide such support in the community
channels, then it's just so much simpler and more fair to say that
community only supports latest release and drop all older ones, and let
people who can make money with it take care of older support from people
who are ready to pay for it.