Maven release plugin Xmx Xms environment variables

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Maven release plugin Xmx Xms environment variables

Petar Tahchiev
Hi all,

just a quick question. I have a project that I'm releasing using the
maven-release-plugin, but every time I call release:prepare the build fails
with OutofMemoryError. I tried setting the MAVEN_OPTS to "-Xmx2G" but
honestly I don't think it has any effect because after the build ends I get
this file

-rw-------  1 tomcat tomcat 3.3G Oct  1 09:59 java_pid15462.hprof

which clearly is 3.3G

I was looking at the code of the maven-release-plugin and I don't see a way
to specify the java memory options of the forked process. Is this a missing
feature? Or have I missed something? How can one specify the jvmArgs of the
forked process?

Thank you.
Regards, Petar!
Karlovo, Bulgaria.
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