Maven-monitor still in use?

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Maven-monitor still in use?

Paul Hammant
I''m looking to make a build radiator. Something like this -

I don't want to scrape logs to detect maven phase changes, and
corresponding pass/fail, I want to use a plugin. I think that plugin
is Maven-monitor

Online documentation for that is here and that doesn't say much,
except to direct the user to subversion (where the plugin still resides).

In use a few versions can be downloaded* - meaning even if I could make my
own version of Maven monitor, I would struggle to get it used exclusively
through the entire 'mvn' invocation.

Advice ?

* e.g.the build for maven-monitor-2.2.1 downloads v2.0.5 AND v2.0.9 of
itself. Different projects are going to download/use multiple different
versions of course.

- Paul