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Maven memory consumption issue

Dameron, Yann

I'm working on a huge project with plenty modules and we are facing a memory consumption issue. We observed it when Maven computes the reactor and then during the build itself.

Quick summary of our situation (as we can't share the POMs)

  *   We have a dedicated POM to manage all versions (3rd parties and our own modules). This POM is split in 5 sub poms to organize them a bit (apache, netbeans, xxx, ...)

On this POM structure, we declare 3049 <dependency>...</dependency>.

  *   We have a parent pom. This one is used by all our 1628 modules. It defines the plugins versions and import the dependency management (explained above).
  *   We have 1628 modules which are using our parent pom (and then inherit the dependency management imported by the parent)
  *   We have an aggregator POMs structure which is responsible to include all the modules. Root aggregator is the one on which the full rebuild is triggered.

When Maven computes the reactor, it consumes a huge amount of memory (8 - 12 Gb)

I made a memory dump just before the end of reactor computation. I attached a screenshot in MNG-5661<> as I feel it's related, please remove it if it's not appropriated.
On this screenshot we clearly see from where come from our memory issues:

The number of Dependency instance seems to be related to our structure. All our projects import our big dependency management (inherited from the parent) so we have 1628 x 3049 => ~ 5 000 000 instances.

This is also approximately the number of MavenProject, DefaultArtifact, VersionRange, etc... so I feel that the memory consumption comes from the fact that Maven doesn't detect such cases and duplicate everything.

Is Maven optimized to detect such cases? It would be great to ensure that Dependency (and others) instances are not duplicated.


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