Maven issue with JDK16 - javac and javadoc

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Maven issue with JDK16 - javac and javadoc

Enrico Olivelli
Hi folks,
I have fallen into this issue about Maven + Maven Compiler Plugin + JDK16

This is the issue on JDK issue tracking

Basically -Xdoclint:missing does not work anymore when you run javac inside
the same JVM as Maven core, because the JVM lacks the jdk.javadoc module.
If you run javac in "fork" mode the problem is not present because the
external "javac" program loads correctly jdk.javadoc module and is able to
execute "-Xdoclint"

it looks like we have to fix it on Maven, I am not sure the problem is
about maven-compiler-plugin or plexus compiler, as it is because the JVM
that executes Maven core lacks the jdk.javadoc module.

On the JDK side it looks like the issue is to be closed as "works for me"