Maven Surefire Plugin 2.16 Released

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Maven Surefire Plugin 2.16 Released

Andreas Gudian-2
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Surefire Plugin, version 2.16

This release addresses some serious problems with character encodings in
the test report XML files and adds a new Parallel Computer implementation
to the JUnit 4.7+ provider, offering a bunch of new options and features
around in-process parallel execution (submitted by Tibor17, thanks again!).

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version 2.16

** Bug
    * [SUREFIRE-998] - Problems with Umlauts in <system-out> (and probably
<system-err>) content of junit xml report.
    * [SUREFIRE-1003] - Does not run test which matches
the include **/*Test*.java
    * [SUREFIRE-1005] - Tests are ignored when using dependenciesToScan on
linux only
    * [SUREFIRE-1006] - Junit report xml invalid utf8-caracters
    * [SUREFIRE-1008] - Junit report xml invalid utf8-caracters
    * [SUREFIRE-1012] - runOrder doesn't seem to have an effect at all for
TestNG tests
    * [SUREFIRE-1014] - Unparsable test report XML when sysout contains
invalid XML
    * [SUREFIRE-1015] - Site menu is duplicated
    * [SUREFIRE-1016] - SCM link broken
    * [SUREFIRE-1019] - TestNG provider fails to execute JUnit4 tests
    * [SUREFIRE-1020] - Incorrect XML escape in <system-out> and
<system-err> content of junit xml report

** Improvement
    * [SUREFIRE-1021] - New ParallelComputer options

** Task
    * [SUREFIRE-1013] - Fix typo, forkCount instead of forkMode on fork
options examples page


-The Apache Maven team