Maven Pom Property replacement - possible bug?

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Maven Pom Property replacement - possible bug?

Hi list,

I've seen some strange behavior with pom property replacement and I was
wondering if this is a bug or expected behaviour.

I have a sample project[1] with the build-helper-maven-plugin which I try
to configure to use the regex-property goal.

Since Java 7 the Regexp matcher of Java understands named groups, but they
use the same notation as Maven properties, i.e. ${name}

I tried:

I expected Maven to not touch my variables if it couldn't replace them. So
I was a little confused when I executed mvn -X and saw the following output:

[DEBUG]   (f) replacement = ${regexVersion}null

It looks like Maven didn't touch the first variable but it replaced the
second with null.

First question: is this expected behaviour?
Second question: how can I escape variables so that Maven doesn't try to
escape them?


With regards,

Nick Stolwijk

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