Maven Jar Plugin 2.4 Released

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Maven Jar Plugin 2.4 Released

Kristian Rosenvold-5
The Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven Jar
Plugin, version 2.4

This plugin provides the capability to build jars.

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Note that this version requires Java 1.5.

Release Notes - Maven 2.x JAR Plugin - Version 2.4

** Bug
  * [MJAR-69] - When 'index' and 'addClasspath' are both true, plugin fails.

** Improvement
  * [MJAR-139] - New option to avoid empty jar creation
  * [MJAR-148] - Add Maven version used to Created-By entry in manifest
  * [MJAR-149] - Maven Jar Plugin requires JDK5

Release Notes - Maven Shared Components - Version maven-archiver-2.5

** Bug
  * [MSHARED-38] - Archiver should be adding "Created-By: Apache
Maven _2.0.4_" to the manifest
  * [MSHARED-134] - Using ${artifcactId}-Extention-Name in MANIFEST
file can create invalid MANIFEST files
  * [MSHARED-182] - manifestEntry seems not to work correctly

** Improvement
  * [MSHARED-99] - Archiver should validate manifest attribute names.
  * [MSHARED-221] - maven archiver requires JDK5

The list of changes in plexus is by no means complete, just focused
on changes in plexus-archiver.

Release Notes - Plexus Components - Version plexus-archiver-2.1

** Bug
  * [PLXCOMP-39] - better validation of manifest entries in plexus-archiver
  * [PLXCOMP-47] - Manifest entries containing line feeds are invalid
  * [PLXCOMP-70] - Embedded error: String index out of range: 70
  * [PLXCOMP-155] - writeManifest generates unusable MANIFEST.MF for
non-latin chars
  * [PLXCOMP-177] - JarArchiver generates lines longer than 72 bytes

** Task
  * [PLXCOMP-172] - remove Ant's Manifest class: use JDK's class instead

Release Notes - Plexus Components - Version plexus-archiver-2.0

** Bug
  * [PLXCOMP-163] - ZipFile leaks memory into native heap
  * [PLXCOMP-175] - Revert to old groupId

** Improvement
  * [PLXCOMP-129] - Archiver should not print info messages for
duplicate directories.
  * [PLXCOMP-169] - IO & Archiver forget to raise filename in case of an error