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Maven Invoker updateOnly

Robert Oxspring
Hi all,

My team have been using the Maven Invoker Plugin’s run goal to package some sample test projects during pre-integration-test which we then use during integration tests. We’re not using it to test a maven plugin but it doesn’t feel like we’re straying very far from the intended use case. The approach works well but as we add more test projects the time taken for each increases as each test project is rebuilt, even when the test project hasn’t changed at all. People making changes to unrelated parts of the codebase don’t want to rebuild these test samples for every unrelated change they make.

As a result I’m thinking of adding an “updateOnly” (default false) configuration option modelled after the Maven Assembly Plugin’s, linked below, such that we only rebuild each project if a source file is newer than one of the target files.


1. Does this seem a reasonable feature in principle?
2. Is “updateOnly” the ideal option to model this after?
3. I thought I’d seen some reusable utility code for performing such checks but couldn’t find it just now - can anybody point me at existing code I should reuse?