Maven Fluido Skin 1.6 released

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Maven Fluido Skin 1.6 released

Michael Osipov-2
The Apache Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Fluido Skin, version 1.6.

This module generates browsable HTML pages from Java source code.

You should specify the version in your project's site configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Fluido Skin - Version 1.6

** Bug
     * [MSKINS-119] - Text overlapping on mobile devices
     * [MSKINS-127] - For all pages it take 2
minutes to see content in China

** Improvement
     * [MSKINS-128] - split site.vm into site.vm+site-macros.vm
     * [MSKINS-130] - improve generated html for menu and breadcrumbs
     * [MSKINS-131] - Enable the responsive features of Bootstrap 2.3.2

** New Feature
     * [MSKINS-132] - Add option to skip adding the Date-Revision meta

** Task
     * [MSKINS-125] - upgrade maven-site-plugin for ITs to version 3.5


-The Apache Maven team