Maven-Artifact-Transfer Lookup Errors With org.eclipse.aether Classes

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Maven-Artifact-Transfer Lookup Errors With org.eclipse.aether Classes

Ian Lavallee
Hi all,

When adding maven-resolver-api:1.4.2 to maven-dependency-plugin and
changing nothing else I get multiple test failures due to plexus lookup
errors in maven-artifact-transfer.

The errors in artifact-transfer occur when looking up org.eclipse.aether
versions of classes.

The classes that have the errors are DefaultRepositoryManager,
DefaultArtifactResolver, etc. and the code where the error occurs is the
classes version of the following code:

if ( isMaven31() )
    org.eclipse.aether.RepositorySystem m31RepositorySystem =
container.lookup(org.eclipse.aether.RepositorySystem.class );

If I add a org.sonatype.aether version lookup in the if block it works. I
tried adding a components.xml mapping org.eclipse.aether.RepositorySystem
org.eclipse.aether.impl.internal.DefaultRepositorySystem but that didn't

Does anyone have any suggestions? Even if it's just a shot in the dark,
anything is appreciated at this point!