Maven Artifact Plugin 1.5.1 Released

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Maven Artifact Plugin 1.5.1 Released

The maven team is pleased to announce the Maven Artifact Plugin 1.5.1

The artifact plugin is used by all of the install and deploy goals to
transfer the files.

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this version as it stores better
metadata in the repository, and uses the new Wagon artifact handling.

Note that the older, command line deployment method that was deprecated
has been removed.

Changes in this version include:

o Wholly resolve the POM before deploying Issue: MPARTIFACT-49.
o Deploy anything with SNAPSHOT in the version as a snapshot Issue:
o Deprecated install-snapshot and deploy-snapshot goals
o Replace bulk of code with Wagon Issue: MAVEN-1396.

To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download

For a manual installation, you can download the plugin here:

Have fun!
-The maven team

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