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[MNG-6806] Issue clarification

Andrey Fadeev
Hi there!

As a clarification I'd like to propose my vision of this issue handling
and ask you to correct me, where I'm wrong:

  AFAICT this is the full list of all of the Maven modules (including
plugins and libraries) - [1]. What we need to do is to
  traverse all of them and move all of the Maven (or not only Maven?)
libraries and plugins versions up to the maven-parent
  (which they inherit OWOA) and to place, correspondingly, in
maven-dependencies.pom and maven-plugins.pom
  which would be imported in the maven-parent.pom.

  Thus, our dependencies would be overridden only by the apache.pom,
which is the parent of the maven-parent,
  because inheritance has a higher priority than importing.

P.S.: [2] - I didn't quite understand the part here about the Reactor.
Could somebody tell me where to search info about this module?

[1] https://github.com/apache/maven-sources/blob/master/default.xml

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