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[MJLINK] Question about junit4 / junit5

Benjamin Marwell-2

there are currently two PRs for the maven-jlink-plugin.
One removes support for junit4.
Another one removes support for junit5.

On both PRs are discussions with valid points for one or the other.
The best one (in my opinion as a contributor) would be to "ask the
community first" if a single plugin with junit-jupiter/junit5 is
wanted or if all plugins must make the switch more or less at the same

The maven-jlink-plugin does not have a lot of tests, as its first
version will be released soon. There is no legacy code which needs to
be ported, but a few tests could be converted to get rid of the

Other arguments are about IDE support, "freshness" of junit-jupiter,
support time frame of junit4, etc.

Therefore I would like to see a discussion about the pro and cons and
maybe a vote if this plugin can make the switch to junit-jupiter.

Opinions on this are much appreciated!


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