MENFORCER-288 - maybe reject?

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MENFORCER-288 - maybe reject?

Benjamin Marwell
Hi all,

I just tried to implement MENFORCER-288 to see how far I could get.
As it turned out, the task is not trivial, because you'd have to parse and
correctly rewrite a version range. See details in the comments on
Because of this, I don't think the recommendation to use JavaVersion would
help here (at the moment).

I'd vote to close it, because it might not be worth implementing, as it is
a lot of effort for few gains.

However, it would be much easier to achieve if
* JavaVersion would get a normalize method (ie converts 6 to 1.6)
* VersionRange was iterate and modifiable (so that [6] could be converted
to [1.6].

As I am new here, I'd love to hear how to proceed and how a decision on
this would be made.

Have a good weekend,