Jigsaw removes the ability for tools to help name transition

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Jigsaw removes the ability for tools to help name transition

Brian Fox-2
Robert and I wrote a bit previously [1] about the issues with the
automodules in jigsaw (hint: they use only the filename to default a module
which we've demonstrated is a terrible idea). There was a happy medium
which would have allowed library developers to select a name before full
modularization. Unfortunately, this has again been removed from the working
spec, and the vote is just around the corner.

I replied with the concerns and vision [2] but it has since been
unanswered. We need more people to speak up on this issue.

Several other EC members worked together to share concerns and this is a
scary read [3], along with another discussion of module names here [4]

[4] http://blog.joda.org/2017/04/java-se-9-jpms-module-naming.html