Javadoc for fat/uber JAR created by Maven Shade

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Javadoc for fat/uber JAR created by Maven Shade

Alexander Kriegisch-2
I am creating fat/uber JARs in several modules as part of a multi-module
project, which is working nicely. Even aggregate sources JARs are
created via


Even relocation is taken care of in the aggregate source file, very nice

So far, so good. The next step would be an aggregate Javadoc JAR, but I
cannot find any options for that in Maven Shade. Has anyone ever done
something like this before? Is there a plugin for it or do I need to
manually create an assembly or something like that if I want it? Now the
JAR for the uber JAR is almost empty, only containing the one starter
class actually contained in the module where the shaded JAR is created.
This was to be expected, but I would like to create an "uber Javadoc


Alexander Kriegisch

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