Java version in Maven and Eclipse

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Java version in Maven and Eclipse

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I'm new to maven and eclipse but I can't find an answer to this in the forums:

I've got a working Maven project in Eclipse with a pom.xml specifying the <source> and <target> java version as 1.5. Building/running this seems to work fine.

For ages I was getting validation errors in Eclipse which turned out to be because it was using java 1.4 in the project Properties -> Java Compiler. I've updated this to 1.5 and everything looks ok.

However, is there any way to ensure these values are kept in sync (preferably ask Eclipse to use the values in the pom file)?

If not, am I right in saying that if I have Project -> Build Automatically selected in Eclipse then it will auto compile and validate all the files using it's version of java, but then when I run Maven build it may decide not to re-compile the sources with it's version of java because they're already compiled?