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JIRA issues for dependency upgrades

Elliotte Rusty Harold
Does the community have an consensus on whether to file JIRA tickets
for minor dependency upgrades that don't require large code changes?
I've been getting conflicting advice about this in code reviews.

Here's what our docs currently say, but you'll notice that dependency
upgrades fall somewhere in between the two cases mentioned:

When To Create a JIRA Issue?

This section discusses when to create a JIRA issue versus just
committing a change in Git (eventually through a PR).

Minor changes such as code reformatting, documentation fixes, etc.
that aren’t going to impact other users can be committed without a
JIRA issue.

Larger changes such as bug fixes, API changes, significant
refactoring, new classes, and pretty much any change of more than 100
lines, should have JIRA tickets.

Elliotte Rusty Harold
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