JAXX Maven2 project in Eclipse

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JAXX Maven2 project in Eclipse

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Hello everyone in this forum..

Since I am new to this forum forgive me if I am missing something in this new
post here...if I need to include something else just correct me...

I have a question which concerns the JAXX developed by Ethan Nicolas. I am
referring to the language which uses XML and integrate Java to develop Swing-based applications code being able to generate java source files from it.

The thing is that I have a new Maven2 project in which I would like to integrate a JAXX project inside it
and the IDE that I am using is Eclipse...however ...no matter what I have tried to be able to run the application (the JAXX Maven2 project) I always end up getting a error message saying :

"abort due to errors reported by jaxxc"....

No matter how much I have been trying to find solutions on the net for the error stated above I cant seem to find anything at all...
I have even registered myself to the JAXX users and developers list and been trying to get some help there
but no one there seems to know how to solve this kind of issue...

So my question is :

Has anyone been trying to run a JAXX Maven project inside the IDE and actually being able to run it
successfully I would be really happy to know how you managed to do this....because I cant seem to make it work....maybe I have been looking at the wrong things....anyway....If you need additional information
(for instance my pom.xml file or project settings) just let me know and I will attach and send over these
as soon as possible...

Thanks for all help I can get from you guys in here...