Information about best practice of spring context dependecy and spring boot starter parent

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Information about best practice of spring context dependecy and spring boot starter parent

Adrien Ruffié
Hello all,

I have 2 projects for example

1 mycompany-loader and 1 mycompany-commons projects

My mycompany-loader have a dependency on  mycompany-commons

My mycompany-loader recover spring-context dependency and version thank to another dependency from:

org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-actuator:jar:1.5.3.RELEASE:compile which depends on spring-context 4.3.8-RELEASE version

however, my mycompany-commons have a dependecy on spring-boot-starter-data-cassandra on 1.5.3-RELEASE version,

bu also a explicite dependecy on spring-context 4.3.8-RELEASE version (because cassandra does not have an explicit link to spring-context)

If I create a parent project (for example mycompany-parent) and declare an dependecyManagement of spring-context 4.3.8-RELEASE but in the future I change the version of spring-boot-starter-actuator

which will changed the version of spring-context, what's going to happen ?

especially since mycompany-loader already has spring-boot-starter-parent as parent, what is the best pratice ?

mycompany-parent must have spring-boot-starter-parent, and my two subproject must have mycompany-parent as a parent ?

which if so will mean that, the order of building project should be

mycompany-parent --> mycompany-commons --> mycompany-loader, right ?

But if others subprojects at the same level as mycompany-loader also have a dependency on mycompany-parent and if the mycomapny-parent increase its version, I should rebuild it ...

will it force me to rebuild all subprojects ? Because I don't really want to rebuild all subproject, if I only need one subproject ...

Do you have any idea what I could do ?

Thank and best regards,