Improvements to analyze goal of maven-dependency-plugin

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Improvements to analyze goal of maven-dependency-plugin

Jonathan Haber
I wanted to get feedback on a proposed improvement to the
maven-dependency-plugin, specifically for the goals that analyze dependency
usages. We have the plugin configured to fail our build if there are any
used undeclared or unused declared dependencies. In the case of used
undeclared, it is often helpful to know which classes are being used and
where they are being used. Previously we had a few workarounds to try to
expose this information to our developers after-the-fact (by grepping class
files, using IDE features, etc.) but it would be great if this was just
included in the plugin output. We've implemented this feature in our fork
of the plugin and our developers love it. Here an is example of the output
before and after:

I've written this up as a JIRA:

And sent a pull request with the required changes to the
maven-dependency-analyzer (which needs to expose more information so that
the plugin can generate this output):

Do you think this feature adds value? Any suggestions?