How to use settings.xml in the build with repository

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How to use settings.xml in the build with repository

Tibor Digana
Hi All,

I am trying to fix HTTP 503 which comes from Maven Central, see INFRA-16951.

I created a branch using ".m2/settings.xml" and Mirror
So I used it with "mvn -s ..." in Jenkinsfile and the file exists and has
expected content (cat <file> shows the content and path is as expected).

I still have the exception on our Jenkins: The specified user settings file does
not exist: /home/jenkins/jenkins-slave/workspace/box_maven-surefire_settings-ULXASOSXMGIDUBLBV2UYO6HFUQGNZDMTCO2CFEVM6KNUDPE2ZH6Q/.m2/settings.xml
at org.apache.maven.cli.configuration.SettingsXmlConfigurationProcessor.process
at org.apache.maven.cli.MavenCli.configure (

The path exists (ls -la shows me it exists) but Maven say no it does not.
It works when I use settings.xml on my local machine.

How should I use the settings.xml with our ASF Nexus and ASF Jenkins?
It looks like the Maven is hacked and the stacktrace is not related to
original source code.