Help in customizing maven-archetype

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Help in customizing maven-archetype

when i run " mvn archetype:generate" it asks for parameters like groupId ,
artifactId , package and version.
Now i want to ask for an extra parameter like  " module-author " but i want
to ask in this manner

Do you want to enter module-author? ( Y / N)
(on entering Y  , i should ask for the parameter)
module-author: <nameoftheauthor>

(on entering N  , i should terminate the asking process and the rest of the
project build should be completed)

Project Build Success Full


Is this possible with ArchetypeCreationQueryer ? .. i guess i got an example
source file here
DefaultArchetypeCreationQueryer   but i dont know how to implement it in my
project and run it and see how it works?

Any help will be thank full

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