GenApp : Reuse for inputs in next default values.

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GenApp : Reuse for inputs in next default values.

Due to naming conventions here, an artifact will be called : A-B-C.jar

I have a template that asks for A, B and C. then it asks for the
package, project name, short description etc. In those last questions,
I would like to provide a default value that take A/B/C values as the
user did input them.

For example :
Please, input A : [company]
 >> mycompany
please, input B : [project]
 >> myproject
please, input C : [artifact]
 >> webservices
please, input package : [company.project.artifact]
 !!! I would like default value here to be :
[mycompany.myproject.webservices], so that 90% of the cases, they have
nothing to input in the last questions.

Any idea whether it's possible ?

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