Fwd: Maven Release issue with forked deploy process with proxy autherisation as argument

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Fwd: Maven Release issue with forked deploy process with proxy autherisation as argument

Siddharth Kumar
Hi Team,

Could you please help me with the below Maven Release issue with passing
proxy authorisation details to maven mule deploy goal?
It is failing with 407 proxy autherisation require intermittently and
noticed that sometimes proxy user is passed to proxy and that time it is
success and fails otherwise.

This is bit urgent for me.

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Date: Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 3:11 PM
Subject: Re: Maven Release issue with forked deploy process with proxy
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Thank you so much Robert. Yes, Snapshot Build works fine and the same maven
deploy is invoked using proxy details and it's fine.In the POM deploy goal
is same.
However the arguments has to be passed in below way unlike maven release
way of passing parameter.
mvn clean deploy -Dhttps.proxyHost=proxy -Dhttps.proxyUser=user
-Dproxyhttps.proxyPassword=password -Dphttps.proxyPort=80.

The issue is only with Maven Release and not taking the authorization
parameter and behaving intermittently.

I will put these query in stack overflow and user list as you advised and I
wrote here so that as you all are expect can help me as this is blocking my
project completely.

Once again thanks,

On Sun, Oct 28, 2018 at 2:30 PM Robert Scholte <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Please use the Maven user list[1] or stack overflow[2] for these
> questions, I don't see a reason why to contact the maintainers of Maven
> directly, when the community is much larger and can help you as well (and
> probably faster).
> AFAIK there should be no reason to pass these arguments. First verify if a
> normal "mvn deploy" of a SNAPSHOT works. I would expect the same issue here.
> thanks,
> Robert
> [1] https://maven.apache.org/mailing-lists.html
> [2] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/maven-release-plugin
> On Sat, 27 Oct 2018 23:08:51 +0200, Siddharth Kumar <
> [hidden email]> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm looking for your help and advise in one maven issue which is
> intermittent.
> I'm trying to use Maven Release having Mule Maven deploy plugin to deploy
> using proxy which requires proxy authrorisation so my maven command is as
> below-
> mvn release:prepare release:perform -X
> -Darguments="-Dhttps.proxyHost=proxy -Dhttps.proxyUser=user
> -Dhttps.proxyPassword=password -Dhttps.proxyPort=80"
> Throwing error-
> maven release perform -mule maven deploy 407 proxy authorization require.
> Analysis-
> When i check the proxy server logs,I see it is successful when the
> proxyUser gets passed to the proxy server but fails when it is not.My
> command is not chnaged an no changes in proxy server. Moreover maven
> settings.xml also has proxy credentials configured.
> Please advise how I can make sure that proxy user/password details are
> passed correctly? I think the issue is Maven Release forking new process of
> Mule Deploy which is not able to pass the parameters to Mule deploy.
> Please help.
> Thanks,
> Siddharth