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Flex and Maven ?

Has anyone worked on Macromedia Flex WebApps with Maven ?

For what I see, flex comes with some jars to put in web-inf/lib (no
problem, that's natural behaviour, so maven handle it perfectly), some
jars in some specific flex directory (should be able to handle via
<war.target.path>) but also some .as file (that I think should not be
modified by the project, and are a kind of core library for action
scripts)... so those as files should be managed separately and if
possible via dependencies.

I was thinking creating a webressource artifact type, and put some
<unzip the webressources at given directory under webapp/> as pregoal
of war:webapp.

Any existing thing like that ? or anyone has experience with such behaviour ?
I saw other libraries than Flex that requires some files (e.g. images
and css) to be copied to a specific webapp directory (f.e.
Common-Controls taglib).


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