Flaky integration test on GitHub Actions - Ubuntu JDK11 (testmng5175_ReadTimeOutFromSettings)

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Flaky integration test on GitHub Actions - Ubuntu JDK11 (testmng5175_ReadTimeOutFromSettings)

Martin Kanters
Hey all,

Since we enabled GitHub Actions on Maven it fully succeeded only once on
the Apache GitHub group [1].
After a quick crosscheck I found out that we seem to have a flaky
test: MavenITmng5175WagonHttpTest#testmng5175_ReadTimeOutFromSettings.
It's flaky since it succeeded once yesterday [2]. This is not a new test,
it's been in the repo since 2011.
It seems to only fail on JKD11 Ubuntu, which is usually the one that is
done quickest (might be related to a timing issue?).

If this does not immediately ring bells to anyone I will take a look myself
when I have some time.


[1] https://github.com/apache/maven/actions
[2] https://github.com/apache/maven/actions/runs/167673443