Error regarding maven-nativedependencies-plugin

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Error regarding maven-nativedependencies-plugin

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I am working on project that require compiling and running the  test of Libgdx. The project Libgdx is using maven-nativedependencies-plugin. However, I not able to compile the project because of the error that I have been getting. The error is

Failed to execute goal com.googlecode.mavennatives:maven-nativedependencies-plugin:0.0.6:copy (unpacknatives) on project gdx-tools: Unable to copy natives: /tmp/analyze-project.pl_42045_1502300597/extensions/gdx-freetype/jni/maven/target/classes (No such file or directory)

I am using Ant to call the pom.xml file to compile the Libgdx.

I hope If anyone can help me figure out how to solve this problem or recommend and thing that could help

Thank you