Empty dependency when dependency is a workspace project

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Empty dependency when dependency is a workspace project

Enrico Oliosi
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Hi all.

I have a dynamic web project into my workspace: project-web. This project depends on another project into my workspace: project-lib.

So I get this scenario: project-web[:war] ---depends on---> project-lib[:jar]

I have checked "Resolve dependences from workspace projects" option into Properties -> Maven for the web project.

When I run "mvn clean package" for project-web Maven creates war file into the target directory but I have
an issue. If I explode the war file, I find an empty folder called "project-lib" into the WEB-INF/lib directory.

Since the library is empty I get some java exceptions on Tomcat startup.

How to create the war for project-web correctly?

Thanks in advance.