Doubts on Nexus Rest Lucene Search Query

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Doubts on Nexus Rest Lucene Search Query

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I have played around the lucene query service/local/lucene/search?repositoryId&q on Nexus 2.7.1-01. I want to use the lucene search to return the list of artifacts under one specific repoURL and repoId with knowing groupId or artifactId. However, I got some weird results and hope any expert can shed some light.

Q1:I want to use jaxb to parse the search result. However, the xsd from
doesnot work. I found out that the actual search result contains new XML element "" which doesnot exist from searchNGResponse XML scheme posted in above websit. Why is there such difference between the posted searchNGResponse and actual returned search XML result?

Q2: for non jar artifact, I got werid artifactLink as below


what is the reason causing the weird artifactLink and how to handle it?