Does wagon-webdav support Digest authentication

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Does wagon-webdav support Digest authentication

Boyle, PJ


I have been trying to get WAGON-WEBDAV working with an Apache WebDAV
provider and can only see

that BASIC authentication is attempted. Am I missing something in the
following configuration sections:












    <!-- use the following if you're not using a snapshot version. -->



      <name> Maven Repository</name>



    <!-- use the following if you ARE using a snapshot version. -->



      <name> Maven Repository</name>

      <url>dav:http://hostname.domain /maven/repository/</url>














In the error_log on Apache I am getting:


Digest: client used wrong authentication scheme `Basic':


I saw this message :

referring to Digest authentication but the Apache configuration does not
look like it is using Digest.

The user here:,-Wagon-and-Digest-Authentication-t4653580s1

is having the same issue and no replies yet so I am wondering has
anybody got this working?







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