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Dependency resolution with -am/-amd

Mitch Denny

I’m using Maven in a CI scenario right now making use of the -am and -amd switches. We are having an issue right now with how the list of projects to make is solved. Consider the following five projects:


A, B, C, D, and E.


The dependencies between these projects are as follows:


E depends on A

E depends on C

E depends on D

C depends on A

C depends on B

D depends on A

B depends on A


So I execute the following command:


                mvn install -pl C -am -amd


The following happens:


                A builds because C depends on it (-am switch)

                B builds because C depends on it (-am switch)

                C builds because it is in the project list (-pl switch)

                E builds because it depends on C … but fails (-amd switch)

                D does not build


D is not covered by -am (makes sense) but I was surprised that -amd didn’t result in it getting picked up. I thought that when Maven was resolving the dependencies to build it would see that D was in the graph and in order to successfully build E, it would also need to build D.


But it appears that -amd doesn’t work that way. In these scenarios, what is the expected way to resolve this dependency arrangement. Assume that this is just a subset of a larger graph and my intention is not to build the entire graph.


One thing that I am considering doing is making D depend explicitly on C via a test dependency. This seems to work, but feels hacky. In a picture this is what our graph looks like:





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