[DISCUSS] Do we want to keep “seconding” for core?

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[DISCUSS] Do we want to keep “seconding” for core?

When we had the “big reset” I asked for seconding before merging as the
priority was to get a functioning release out.

IMHO outside of burndown towards a release, a successful CI build of the
branch, providing the branch is fast-forward mergable (not that we actually
do a fast forward merge - merge policy being a separate topic, just that
all commits are on top of master without rebasing) should be all that is
required to merge (the release manager, ie whoever steps up to do a
release, may revert any problematic merges when time comes to actually

Once a release manager has stepped up and declared the start of a
burn-down... in that case seconding should apply.


(Ps I haven’t declared burn down for core *yet*, but I will in the next
week or two)
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