Continued problems releasing components

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Continued problems releasing components


As I mentioned on my release of maven-shared-utils, I had problems with the
release process.

I have just started the release for Maven Resources Plugin and Maven
Filtering and have had continued problems. This time I went in and deleted
the failed release attempt tags from git and started over.

I still haven't figured out where the problem lies, but here's the short
version of what happened.

This time I used Maven 3.3.9 and OpenJDK 8 from the start to avoid using
toolchains. Everything went fine up to and including
maven release:prepare

But when I ran
mvn release:perform
things fell apart, again.

Having learned from the previous release failure I had a decent idea about
what went wrong. The profile activation for Maven Release Plugin does not
kick in, so no sources jar, no javadoc jar, no source distribution and no

Either there is something with my environment that messes things up, or
else there are problems in the parent POM chain. Having had a quick look at
the POMs, I noticed some contradicting configuration for
maven-release-plugin between Maven parent and Apache parent. I tried the
same release commands again using Maven 3.6.3, in case there were some POM
inheritance issues that have been fixed, but the results were the same.

Finally I had to resort to manually trigger the releaseProfiles parameter
for the plugin and also the Maven profile, so the command that worked for
me looked like this:
mvn release:perform -DreleaseProfiles=apache-release -Papache-release

Earlier I tried with only -D, but that didn't work. I haven't tried using
only -P.

Has anybody else had similar problems?
Do you have any clue as to what might be wrong?

Dennis Lundberg