Configuring sticky sessions for a load balancer

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Configuring sticky sessions for a load balancer

Nick Griffin


I’m trying to configure a load balancer to sit in front of two Nexus instances and am coming across an issue. I am setting the following config in either jetty.xml or jetty-web.xml and it does not appear to actually make a difference even though the wrapper.log is stating that the configuration is being executed:


<Get name="sessionHandler">

 <Get name="sessionManager">

 <Set name="sessionIdManager">

<New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.session.HashSessionIdManager">

<Set name="workerName">nexus1</Set>






I am referring to for this, although I've tweaked the format so it conforms with the standard for using Set for setters.


My fall back strategy is to just load balance the /nexus/content URLs however I’d like to handle all of it really.