Checkstyle-8.0.0 God Class Design Smell Prioritization Survey

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Checkstyle-8.0.0 God Class Design Smell Prioritization Survey

Khalid AlKharabsheh
 Dear Respondent,

This questionnaire is part of my Ph.D. thesis in the area of Design Smell
Prioritization. The purpose of the study is to define a priorities among
the classes having detected as God Class in order to decide which class to
be repaired first.
We analyzed the Checkstyle-8.0.0 project and the most important God Classes
(Large Class or The Blob) in terms of which of them should be scheduled
their reparation in first place. These classes are found in this
questionnaire. Completing this questionnaire should take about 5 minutes.

I would appreciate your kind attention and cooperation on sending your
questionnaire feedback as soon as possible. Notice that all information
related to the respondent or contained in this questionnaire will be
treated in strict confidence.

If you are not currently involved in this project, please forward this
message to project members you think are a better target for this
questionnaire. Even if you are currently involved in the project, we would
appreciated the participation of other project contributors, please resend
this questionnaire to them.

Thank you in advance.

Survey link:

Yours sincerely,

Kha <[hidden email]>lid Alkharabsheh
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